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Funding and course opportunities for school staff - Erasmus+ // European Schoolnet

INFORMATION TO SCHOOLS ON ERASMUS+ FUNDING (EU) AND THE COURSE OFFER BY EUROPEAN SCHOOLNET - Please forward the message to your school head/responsible for staff training in your school

Dear School Leader,

Schools today face many challenges including teachers’ continuing professional development and funding of it. We have sent you this message to tell you about the training offer for teachers provided by European Schoolnet, and the funding opportunities available within the new Erasmus+ programme by the European Union.

European Schoolnet, a Brussels-based organisation created and governed by 30 European Ministries of Education, provides versatile training opportunities for teachers and school staff in an international context. You may be familiar with some of the pan-European education projects run already by European Schoolnet and its Ministries of Education: eTwinning, iTEC, inGenious, Safer Internet Day, eSkills Week, etc.

Our training offer focuses on changing and innovative pedagogy embracing technology both inside and outside the classroom. It includes courses on the effective use of multimedia, interactive technologies, social media, 1:1 scenarios in the classroom, and many more. As a not-for-profit organisation, the courses are reasonably priced, providing great value for your investment. All the courses are held at European Schoolnet’s own training venue, the Future Classroom Lab, a unique and inspiring learning environment in Brussels that challenges visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in their classrooms.

The new EU funding programme, Erasmus+, offers funding opportunities for schools interested to invest in their teachers' professional development. In short, each school creates its own staff training plan (called a European development plan), submits an application to the National Agency, and receives direct funding from Erasmus+ (if the application is successful). The deadline to submit the funding application this year is 17 March 2013.

We at European Schoolnet would be delighted to receive your teachers on our training courses and to this end we provide the following information to support your Erasmus+ funding application:

·         EUN training programme: Discover our current courses at http://fcl.eun.org/workshops. The programme will be developed and extended in the school year 2014-2015 according to demand and schools’ topics of interest.
·         Questionnaire: For us to have a better understanding of schools’ training needs for the next school year, please fill in this online questionnaire by 20 February. The questionnaire is not a registration and it does not oblige you to take part in our courses in the future: http://tiny.cc/EUNcoursesurvey
·         Support to create your European development plan: As part of a funding application for Erasmus +, schools need to create a ‘European development plan’. European Schoolnet will provide information on teachers’ professional development in a European context that can be used to reinforce your application. This information will be shared with all respondents of the questionnaire (by 20 February).
Please notice: European Schoolnet cannot provide individualised support to write your school’s plan or application; for this, you need to contact your national agency. European Schoolnet reserves the right to modify the training offer according to the demand. All new courses will be announced at http://fcl.eun.org/workshops

More information on the Erasmus+ programme

·         Erasmus+ programme guide (PDF, in English). See page 55 for Key Action 1: Mobility project for school education staff
·         Find your National Agency here – the NA can assist you with any questions you may have about the funding process or your application.

European Schoolnet is happy to assist you with any questions regarding our course offer. For all questions regarding the Erasmus+ funding and application process, please contact your National Agency.

Kind regards,

Elina Jokisalo, Communications Officer
EUN Partnership AISBL, Rue de Trèves 61, B-1040 Brussels
t +32 (0)2 790 75 35 f +32 (0)2 790 75 85

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